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Finance Fund and FCAP partner with a wide range of for-profit and non-profit organizations to support catalytic economic development projects with flexible funding programs. We work hard to ensure that our programs fulfill the mission, vision and values of our partners so we can achieve our shared vision and improve the quality of life for people.


  • Grants: are an important source of funding for many projects and can help us leverage additional program capital. In addition to project-related grants, we also accept grants to support operations.
  • Sponsorships: This form of support is most often linked with sponsors’ marketing communications and business objectives. In exchange for a contribution or in-kind support, sponsors receive high-value visibility opportunities and recognition before some of Ohio's leading financial and economic development decision makers.
  • Participation Loans: This model works with banks and other conventional lenders to provide multiple sources of financing to a single project. It helps spread the risk of loan exposure and aggregates capital for projects in low-and moderate-income communities.
  • Program Related Investments (PRI): These social-purpose investments are made in the form of low-interest loans to help meet community development goals in any urban or rural area of Ohio.
  • Equity Equivalent Investments (EQ2): This is a long-term deeply subordinated loan with features that make it function like equity. It enables CDFIs and their funders to expand sources of capital.  
  • Bank Enterprise Award (BEA): Through this program, the CDFI Fund provides monetary awards to FDIC-insured depository institutions that increase their investments in CDFIs or in their own lending, investing or service activities in distressed communities.

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Your partnership can help transform Ohio's struggling communities. If you're interested in partnering with Finance Fund on our next event or initiative, we'd like to explore the possibilities with you. To find out more, please contact us at Info@financefund.org.


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