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Economic Opportunity for All

We actively promote and support equal access to economic opportunity for all people. We believe that in each community, local residents, business and community leaders know best what goods and services are needed in their own backyards. Partnering with them, we identify projects that sustainably serve local needs and are catalytic to additional community investment. With our ability to leverage federal and state financial resources, we amplify available funds and provide opportunity for financial institutions, businesses, philanthropic organizations and private individuals to participate in funding projects in low-income communities.

Therefore, we support federal and state programs that provide capital that attracts private investment into locally originated projects operating in disadvantaged urban and rural communities. Our public policy efforts are focused upon:

  • Permanency for the federal New Markets Tax Credit program
  • Increased funding for the CDFI Program from the CDFI Fund
  • Language updates and increased funding for the Ohio Housing Trust Fund
  • Programs that focus capital that stabilizes and grows local communities

NMTC Progress Report


Small Business Expansion

We believe that small business is the heartbeat of every community and is central to job creation and economic expansion. Through our small business loan programs, we provide flexible funding for healthy food retail projects, health care centers, child care centers, schools, community facilities, housing, manufacturing and small business. Therefore, our public policy efforts are focused upon:

  • Expanding funding for the USDA Healthy Food Financing program
  • Expanding funding for the CDFI Fund aimed at increasing the number of healthy, affordable food retail operations in underserved communities
  • Expanding funding for the Ohio Healthy Food Financing Fund
  • Permanency and expansion of the SBA Community Advantage program
  • Programs that focus capital that stabilizes and grows local communities



The Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFI) Fund and its New Markets Tax Credit Program

  • Why? Federal New Markets Tax Credits enable Finance Fund to attract investment from the private sector and reinvest these dollars in low-income communities.


Healthy Food Financing Initiative

  • Why? This initiative will expand access to healthy affordable food in low-income communities in Ohio's rural and urban communities.


For more information contact: 

Diana Turoff, President and CEO, dturoff@financefund.org

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