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Since 1987, Finance Fund and its subsidiaries have invested more than $354.4 million in housing, economic development, and community facility projects leveraging over $1.4 billion. This investment was accomplished through 3,043 awards to community-based organizations throughout the state. Finance Fund provides debt and equity to our clients through the management of 29 entities totaling $280 million. Partnerships have enabled low-and moderate-income people access to 16,390 units of affordable housing, 27,671 direct jobs, and 3,079 early care and education spaces (classrooms) for 71,947 children. In addition, partnerships have provided services to 39,830 patients, benefitting the lives of more than 197,793 Ohioans.

Finance Fund Capital Corporation (FCAP) made its first loan in 2006 and has leveraged $92 million on an investment of $38 million to 74 borrowers. FCAP has financed 201 housing units, created 773,566 sq. ft. of commercial space and helped provide services to 9,653 patients. In addition, partnership have helped create and/or retain 3,261 direct jobs.


Rollover a County below to see a snapshot of Finance Fund's work across Ohio. Click on the County to view that Counties' "Funding Dashboard", which provides additional information regarding approved projects and funding in that County. Note: Darker-shaded Counties had approved projects in 2017.

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