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Small Business Resource Center

Small Business Resource Center

Small business fuels the growth of local economies and creates jobs. These enterprises, defined as employing fewer than 500 workers, employ over 50% of the working population. Since 1995, small businesses have generated more than 65 percent of the net new jobs throughout the United States. About half of small businesses are home based and survive at least five years. (Source: U.S. Small Business Administration)

FCAP knows that small businesses operating in disadvantaged communities face unique challenges and need more than just access to capital to launch and grow. Many of our applicants need help to create business management tools such as a business plan, marketing plan and operating budget as well as help with managing capital to operate on sound financial footing and prepare for expansion.

This Small Business Resource Center (SBRC) is just one way that FCAP provides technical assistance through original content and links to resources and information available from public sources. We hope you find it useful. You are also welcome to contact Makeba Wilson mwilson@financefund.org to discuss your questions.

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