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Applications, Guidelines and Program Materials

Through grants and Linked Deposit, Finance Fund can help nonprofit projects in underserved areas get under way or expand.  Begin by gathering your financial information and thinking about your project’s financial needs before you apply. The following applications, guidelines and reporting forms are available to move your project ahead.


Core Program Application (Predevelopment and Economic Development Grants)
Core Program Budget Revision Request Form (Predevelopment and Economic Development Grants)
Economic Development Grant Financial Reporting Form
Economic Development Grant Policy and Guidelines
Predevelopment Grant Financial Reporting Form
Predevelopment Grant Policy and Guidelines
Linked Deposit Fund Application
Linked Deposit Fund Policy and Guidlines


Videos: How to Apply for Grants and Loans

These informative videos can assist you in completing a loan or grant application. Visit our YouTube channel to see all of our videos.


Finance Fund Overview

Finance Fund Loan Programs

Finance Fund Community Health Loan Fund

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