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As a socially conscious leader, you may be seeking authentic and extraordinary opportunities to directly influence the economic health and vitality of economically challenged rural and urban communities across Ohio. We invite you to consider supporting our mission to build bridges between financial resources and the low-and moderate-income community to improve the quality of life for people.

Your Goals

We can link your contribution with a project or community that matches your goals whether it's to create jobs, support new business growth, create access to healthy foods in underserved communities, or provide health care facilities in urban or rural communities. We know how to leverage your contribution to create the greatest social impact.

The Need

It's no secret that traditional sources of funding are shrinking — including government funds, foundation grants, corporate support and earned income. And it's not surprising that the need for funding community-based initiatives is growing as more communities fall into economic hard times.

We have a positive vision of a bright future for our most economically challenged communities. It's rooted in our belief that caring individuals and organizations will rise to fill the gap and support genuine efforts to improve lives through ongoing, sustainable economic development initiatives. We have a responsibility to seek funding to fill the ongoing and growing need.

Let's Talk

If you're interested in providing capital to transform economically distressed communities in Ohio, we'd like to explore the possibilities with you. To find out more, please contact us at Info@financefund.org



We have numerous ways for supporters to work with us including:

Your tax-deductible contribution can help transform Ohio's struggling communities.



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